Hansaton Hearing Aids

ease. The newest HANSATON creation.

New sounds, cutting-edge technology, stylish design.

Day after day, HANSATON engineers do pioneering work to support the hearing-impaired and guarantee you, our partners, top quality hardware, software and service. We want to work with you and your customers to achieve a new level of hearing experience: natural ease. And to make that happen, our Hamburg-based hearing system manufacturing company is prepared to carve new paths for you, to go well beyond the tried and true.

ease. The new path to natural hearing.

Hearing with ease means being surrounded by clear speech and a pleasant sounding world. The complex, state-of-the-art chip technology behind ease is an intelligent and energy-efficient combination of innovative functions. Together, they create a natural auditory experience like nothing else before. The new AutoSurround program‘s automatic situation detection system, and the speech localization and focusing functions provided through SpeechBeam+, elevate hearing to a brand-new level of naturalness. Precise separation of speech and background noise in a variety of situations ensures that the hearing impaired can navigate their day-to-day lives without worry. BalanceFit, a completely redesigned algorithm for automatic presetting, makes optimum sound possible and gives the user a pleasant experience from the first moment onward.

New sounds, cutting-edge technology, stylish design: the newest HANSATON creation.

At the same time, ease is just the prelude to a fresh new world of refined HANSATON products. As our partner, you and your customers can look forward to a combination of modern colors, chic designs and innovative technologies. Learn more about our new fitting software, scout, and our three revolutionary product families, sound, jam, and beat... and discover a whole new world of hearing ease with HANSATON.

Hansaton Sound
Hansaton jam

jam supplements the traditional, flexible BTE hearing system with an unbelievably wide selection of ITE solutions: high-tech in the smallest of spaces.

Hansaton beat

beat is pure power. Strong and dynamic, beat BTE hearing systems provide impressive amplification without sacrificing sound or speech quality.

Hansaton flow

The flow product family offers exceptional performance at a reasonable price. Choose from three sizes and four modern color combinations.